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Congress Villa Wansee Berlin

Congress Villa Wansee Berlin - " Final solution to the Jewish question"

The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior officials of the Nazi German regime, held in
the Berlin suburb of Wannsee on 20 January 1942. The purpose of the conference was to inform
administrative leaders of Departments responsible for various policies relating to Jews that
Reinhard Heydrich had been  appointed as the chief executor of the "Final solution to the Jewish

Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin
Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin Congress Villa Wansee Berlin

In the course of the meeting, Heydrich presented a plan for the deportation of the Jewish population
of Europe and French North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) to German-occupied areas in
eastern Europe, and the use of the Jews fit for labour on road-building projects, in the course of
which they would eventually die according to the text of the Wannsee Protocol, the only extant copy
of the minutes of the meeting. Instead, as Soviet and Allied forces gradually pushed back the
German lines, most of the Jews of German-occupied Europe were sent to extermination or
concentration camps, or killed where they lived. As a result of the efforts of historian
Joseph Wulf,
the Wannsee House, where the conference was held, is now a Holocaust Memorial.

Book your private driver - 3 hours:
Pick you up from any hotel or address in Berlin. You will have about 30 minutes to the Villa. A nice
overview will take about two hours. Hundred of genuine photos and documents, many black and
white movies with English subtitles. The entrance is free. The car will waiting and drive you back to
the hotel. Avoid all logistic problems and enjoy your holiday.

- VW Passat or Nissan Pathfinder - 150 euro
Individual or small group up to 4 people.
- Mercedes E Class, BMW - 5 -
470 euro
Individual or small group up to 3 people.
- Minivan - Mercedes Vito, VW or Renault Trafic -
560 euro
Individual or small group up to 8 people.

! It is a nett price, 19% VAT is not included !


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