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Sachsenhausen Memorial, Concentration Camp

Sachsenhausen Memorial, Concentration Camp 

Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial
Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial
Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial Sachsenhausen Memorial

Sachsenhausen, just outside Berlin, was the nerve center of the Nazi concentration camp system.
One of the first camps to open to the public, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial
stands as a reminder of the darkest days of Berlin’s history. Stuck behind the Iron Curtain for 60
years and hard to reach, it is less well known than Dachau or Auschwitz. However, during WWII Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was a place in which over 50,000 abused prisoners
perished, as well as a school of brutality for training SS guards to work in this and other camps. Sachsenhausen’s terrible history continued after 1945 as the Soviet occupiers took it over for a
further 5 years to house their political enemies.
Today’s recently modernized Sachsenhausen Memorial is the heart of 21st century Berlin’s
commemoration to the horrors of the last century.

Pick you up from any hotel or address in Berlin. We have about 30 min. to Oranienburg (small town
40 km North of Berlin) Once we reach there, you are free to spent next few hours in the museum.
Please mind that tour guide is not included, we could organized in a special request.
All sections are described on German and English but if you prefer you can use audio guide
(the price is 3 euro). The entrance is free.

The car will waiting you to drive you back at your hotel.

Please note that on Mondays is closed.

Family tours, car - 5 hours - 250 euro
Individual or small group up to 4 people.
Groups - Minivan - 5 hours - 300 euro
Individual or small group up to 8 people.

VIP Service - Mercedes S - Class - 5 hours - 400 euro
Individual or small group up to 3 people.

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